I sell houses by day and am my kids' chauffeur by night (with home showings in there too, of course!) 

Hi there! I'm Brooke

Starting in high school, and well past university, I taught dance across Saskatchewan, planting roots in Prince Albert in 2003.  It was there that I opened a successful studio, and still can be found performing in various Broadway North Theatre Co. productions.

After 20+ years teaching dance, I sold my dance studio and pursued my real estate career.  To my surprise, I found a way to make all of my prior life experiences all work together - I love performing and that is evident in my marketing.  I love people, and that is evident in my services I provide.  I love homes, which is evident in what I do. 

I'm now creating a well-rounded team so that I can help more people every day, and I love every minute of it!

it all prepared me for today....

When I was five years old, my house burned down 2 weeks after Christmas.  Luckily, my family and I were out of the house at the time, but there was nothing left but the chimney to our third-generation family home, and I think it was at that moment that I learned the value of what "home" really means. 

My parents ended up building a new house that we truly loved and cherished.  However, the home design bug had hit me by that point!  From then on, I was always fascinated with designing new homes and picturing how I would decorate them.  

I've always been a creative - whether it was designing and decorating homes, or performing on stage and creating dances and music. 

My story actually began with a fire... 

I've realized there's still so much for me to teach in this industry! Whether it's:
• Teaching Sellers - by showing them the importance of home staging and preparing the house to sell (quickly and for top dollar)
• Teaching Buyers what to look for and how to choose a home
• or Teaching New Agents how to get started and use their unique life experiences as a strength...

The teacher in me loves sharing my knowledge!

after around 3 years in real estate, I discovered i'm still a teacher at heart...

spending time with my family is my "why"...
what's yours?

Family Time

As Liam Neeson said, "we each have a particular set of skills"... ok so maybe he didn't quite mean it that way, but it's the truth! We all have our own unique life lessons, experience, and skills - and those are what help to make you the amazing human you are - so lean into that!  

And now i'm going to help you own yours.

And that is what I love teaching other real estate agents to do.  We all have unique stories, strengths and weaknesses - and if we use them right, the sky is the limit to how much we can achieve!

When I started using my personal life experiences, it all clicked...

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